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Monday, June 6, 2005 very scientific today.

Monday, June 6, 2005 very scientific today. Le Parisien informs us of the commercialization of pregnenolone hormone memory. Came from the United States, it is already available on the Internet and in some pharmacies. Originally scheduled for people with pathology, we imagine its use perverted in the field of extracurricular … In The World, you will find several articles that may interest us including one in consciousness. An Inserm team indeed demonstrates that our brain can distinguish the meaning, threatening or not, written words, even when presented very briefly. Still in the same newspaper we can read details of the changes in competition school teacher. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 06/06/05 ————————————- Nothing seen … ——– Le Figaro 06/06/05 the unions already challenge Gilles de Robien suspension of the decrees of the Fillon law, budget discussions: a query avalanche welcomes new Minister Read more of the article dangerous games are still victims Despite repeated warnings from teachers and parents, many college students die each year trying to have thrills Read more Article ———— ——————————- Humanity of 06/06/05 Nothing seen … —– ———————————————– Le Parisien 06/06/05 And now, the hormone of memory! After DHEA for youth, melatonin for sleep, a hormone that boosts memory arrives in France. Pregnenolone, came from the United States, is already available on the Internet and in some pharmacies. Read more of the article How it acts on the brain OUR MEMORY is a chemical miracle. For us to remind us of what happened, we use billions of nerve cells located in the heart of our brain in an area called the hippocampus. Neurotransmitters … Read more of the article "The first effects after three weeks" In a book you post *, you affirm that pregnenolone hormone of memory, will do more and more followers in France. Why ? Christophe de Jaeger. At age 50, we lose the memory. And this question is for … Read more of the article In short Josette Daniel was re-elected yesterday President of parents of Peep, second federation rather listed to the right of the political spectrum. At its Congress in early May, the election was postponed because of a protest movement … Read More Article —————— —————————— the Cross of Nothing seen … 06/06/05 ——- —————————————– 06/06/05 20 minutes from the the waltz of ministers leaving the Raffarin government have not all had the "positive attitude". Unlike the Republican use that requires discretion at the handover, some "outgoing" Ministers exception to the rule and expressed bitterness. Former tenant of the Quai d’Orsay, Michel Barnier has publicly regretted that the "no" in the referendum has been "result decapitate" the team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The most marked by its non-renewal seems to have been Francois Fillon. The former Minister of Education, who had always kept criticizing President, said in Le Monde on Saturday: "When will review Jacques Chirac, one will remember me and my reforms. " Read the rest of the article —————————————— ——- West of France 06/06/05 Nothing seen … —————————– ——————– Le Monde 06/06/05 the tests of school teacher competitions are altered recruitment competition to become a school teacher will evolve . If the license of any kind remains the minimum qualification required, the 100 000 candidates who enroll each year to the teacher competition must, from the 2006 session, prepare for more general tests: beside traditional tests of mathematics and french, the place of history and geography, experimental sciences and modern languages ??will be strengthened. Published in the Official Bulletin of 26 May, a joint decree of the Ministries of Education and Public Service details the stages of the competition. From 2006, these will include three written eligibility disciplines in French and mathematics (each coefficient 3), add a mixed test of history and geography and experimental sciences (coefficient 2). For this test, candidates will choose a component "major" (70% of score) and a "minor" component (30%). "In each written test is taken into account, up to a maximum of three points for spelling production quality candidates," said the decree. Notes less than 5 out of 20 heats. Eligible applicants will then spend three oral tests to decide their admission. Read more of the article The human brain unconsciously accede to the meaning of an Inserm team led by Dr. Lionel Naccache shows that our brain can distinguish the meaning, threatening or not, written words, even when they are presented very briefly. What build a scientific model of consciousness Read More Article Confidence in danger of manipulating the molecule trust would she been in nebulizer vial? This is what suggests a study published by the journal Nature on 2 June, which shows the influence of inhalation of oxytocin, a neuropeptide, people playing on investors. Oxytocin was known for his work in lactation and induction of labor. In animals, it has been observed that it is expressed in brain regions involved in mating behavior, maternal care or social attachment. The new study, conducted by a Zurich team was to see if this molecule was not playing a role in human social behavior, especially trust, which "is essential in friendship, in love, in families and organizations, and plays a key role in economic exchanges and political "remind Ernst homework help
Fehr and his colleagues. The team, which mingled economists and neuropsychologists, therefore imagined a situation where the relationship between two individuals involved a question of confidence: an "investor" and an "agent", rich every 12 currency units. The investor is free to transfer 0, 4, 8 or 12 units representative, knowing that this amount will be tripled by the experimenter. The agent will return the amount they wish to the investor. To him to see how he honors the trust placed in him was the investor, who is the only one taking a risk. Several groups of students participated in the "confidence game". Some had inhaled oxytocin, others a mere placebo. All ignored the real issue of experience. Result? Of 29 investors "sniffing" the molecule, 13, 45% gave 12 monetary units (the maximum) to the banker, against 6 of 29 (21%) in the placebo group. "The average transfer of investors is 17% higher in the group with inhaled oxytocin," wrote the Swiss researchers. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Monday, June 6, 2005

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